Creative Tuesday: Last Tuesday and Best Lessons This Year

16. jūnijs, 2020, 18:30 - 20:30

Last creativity meetup with a group discussion on learnings from the meetups this year. Please prepare a few sentence pitch on one of your most favourite Creative Tuesdays events this year, why you liked it and what life-changing or just useful lesson you learned. 

There will be 3 - 5 minutes for each person to speak, focusing on the three main questions: why, how and what is the main takeaway from your favorite event. 

To register, just press «going» to the Facebook event and fill the registration form. Participation is free, participant limit 25 people. 

Creative Tuesdays are realized in collaboration with «RTU studentu inovāciju granti» project nr. RTU inovāciju granti studentiem as part of PVS 3912

Video live stream will be recorded and published.

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16. jūnijs, 2020 plkst. 12:57

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