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Mobile App Coders Needed

22. jūnijs

Riga Technical University’s International Projects Unit (IPU) is looking for coder(s) to assist with European Union projects to develop mobile applications for local teachers and specialists. RTU IPU works with different types of EU projects with educational, pedagogical, sociological and global outcomes.

RTU IPU is looking for coder(s) with the necessary skills to develop mobile applications for the Android mobile operating system. The finished applications will have to be uploaded to Google Play store. RTU IPU aims to develop two different applications for two ongoing projects, both intended to be used by RTU and partner university teachers. The topics of the applications are:

  • application for testing Neighborness (=Multiculturalism) in the learning environment: a mobile application that tests how well the teachers/students have mastered the project outcomes. It should also share information on Neighborness in the learning environment;
  • application on domestic violence: a mobile application that is used for teaching purposes to increase the users’ knowledge about domestic violence and its prevention in Europe.

The mobile application implementation process will follow the timeline of the specific project and will last around one year. Remuneration will be calculated according to the working hours allocated for the development of the specific app and based on the respective budget granted for the project in question.

In order to apply, please send your CV and portfolio of previously developed Android applications to: and . If you have any questions regarding the offer, please do not hesitate to contact us via the aforementioned e-mails.

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