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Inženierekonomikas un vadības fakultāte

Notiks vieslekcija "Digital transformation practice and real life stories"

6. decembris, 2019

Uzņēmējdarbības inženierijas un vadības institūts, sadarbībā ar patneriem Igaunijā, organizē vieslekciju “Digital transformation practice and real life stories”. Lekcija notiks 17.decembrī, Kalnciema ielā 6, 523 kabinetā no plkst.18.00-19.00. Aicināti visi interesenti!

We are happy to announce the amazing guest lecture “Digital transformation practice and real life stories” which prepared by UIVI partners and our friends from “Avalanche Laboratory” ( (Tallinn, Estonia).

The presentation agenda as follows:

Digital Transformation: find your path and leave with a strategic plan

  • Industry 4.0
  • Challenges of Industry 4.0
  • Which kind of technologies will power businesses tomorrow?
  • Digital Transformation
  • Objectives and challenges
  • Steps of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Diagnostics
  • Avalanche methodology
  • Diagnostics process
  • Importance of a roadmap
  • Examples of possible solutions
  • Diagnostic Project Examples/Avalanche Case Studies
  • Packaging manufacturer
  • Plastic extrusion systems manufacturer
  • Electrical equipment manufacturer
  • Industrial electronics manufacturer

Where: Rīga, Kalnciema Street 6, room 523, When: December 17, 18:00 – 20:30

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