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Datorzinātnes un informācijas tehnoloģijas fakultāte

Join Baltic Microsoft Developers community!

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Are you an IT student or just starting out in the world of tech?

Make your move in the IT game – join the Microsoft Developers Community. The community offers to specialize in one of the world’s most popular branches of tech - learn new skills, acquire a free certification, and gain valuable contacts for the future! After the training, you will know how to get an internship in the Top Worldwide IT companies.

We're organizing “Let’s build … ,” a guided study group to support people who are just starting their career with Microsoft technologies. The group will cover a range of technologies where you'll learn how to use them to build software. You'll have access to self-study materials and join eight weekly live coding and Q&A sessions with mentors.

During the training, you'll develop skills that will help you build working software and participate in the OpenHack event after the end of the first training season. The hackathon will provide an opportunity to challenge your professional skills and win valuable prizes.


Check out our development plan:

  • Free training and certification to boost your skills with the latest tools and prepare for the OpenHack hackathon
  • Hackathon to challenge your skills by developing new solutions and competing for valuable prizes
  • Meetups to get inspired, gain knowledge & network with like-minded people

Training will also prepare you for participation in the OpenHack Hackathon in June.


  1. Registration:



  1. Timeline: every week, Thursdays from 16:00 – 19:00, starting from 15th of April. Hurry up, registration is open until 14th of April.
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