Success stories

«EHO Textiles» – smart apparel design for the people with motion disorders
Using a custom-made technology of clothes design, «EHO Textiles» manufactures apparel for the people  with motion disorders to control body  movements and facilitate successful training and rehabilitation process. Pressure and tension sensors developed by the enterprise are original woven structures, which react at pressure and tension. Using industrial knitting machine, they can be knitted into apparel as design elements, thus they become integral part of clothes or socks. These sensors can be easily adapted to different models, shapes, and sizes.   
Ltd «EWART WOODS» – CNC milling services
Ltd «EWART WOODS» is a relatively new enterprise. Its core activity is CNC milling and use of reclaimed wood in production of furniture, accessories and other goods. The qualities that characterize the work of the company are punctuality and precision in working with CNC, as well as the desire to use the most valuable asset, tested and polished by time working with ancient wood to give it a new life at home or office. The company has a manufacturing site in one of the oldest and most charming Latvian towns – Cesis, maintaining connection with the founders’ home town.
«CHARGE UP» – charging station
«CHARGE UP» charging stations are a good way how to charge your mobile phone or notepad being away from home using solar energy supplied to the charging stations.  
«Motion media park» – communications support
«Motion media park» is an enterprise that offers modern and interactive digital advertising opportunities and provides its customers up-to-date communications support. The main services include virtual tours, 360° object views and smart video recording, editing and processing. 
«Conelum» – allows determining the presence of bacteria, fungi and mould in the product using special fluorescent biomarkers
«Conelum» is a technological enterprise, which was established in 2014 using the expertise of RTU researchers. The Conelum team has developed a method that is based on using fluorescent biomarkers to determine the presence of bacteria, fungi and mould in the product in the 30 minutes time, which is considerably faster than in case of the previously used methods.
«qfer» – a mobile application
In summer 2014, two RTU  students and two RTU alumni launched a start-up project –  mobile application «qfer», which can be used to quickly find the best offers by the closest popular or the most interesting service providers. This app has already been in operation in Cyprus. Ideology of the mobile application Qfer is very simple – to help young and dynamic people receive information about special offers form the most popular and interesting places in town in the most convenient and fast way.
«Focusd» – shooting range
«Focusd» – a unique shooting range helps shooting enthusiasts and athletes  improve their performance.
«Knoqeyes» – prototype navigation system for visually impaired or blind people
«Knoqeyes» is a prototype of a navigation system for visually impaired and blind people developed as result of experimental group work. The idea emerged and was developed within the course «New Product Design and Development» at the beginning of this year.   

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