Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering

Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering Professor Dr. sc. ing. Oskars Krievs:

Power engineering and clean environment play a fundamental role in the development of any society. At present, in the context of energy resource depletion and climate change, these areas have become a priority both in Latvia and the world, with the demand for innovative ideas and highly qualified workforce in the field of power engineering growing.

Power engineering is one of the industries that characterize the quality of life and economic development of the society: the demand for energy grows along with higher demands with respect to the quality of life. Today it is difficult to name a field that does not make use of electrotechnical devices and automatic computer control systems – electric drive, different power converters and telemechanic systems can be encountered in power generation, transmission and distribution, in electric transport and industrial and household automation. Along with the rapid change and technological development it is getting more and more topical to account for the occurring climate change and manage the environment so as to sustain its quality in the 21st century as well. Qualified specialists are in high demand in all spheres named and the Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering educates and trains them.

The development of any industry is not possible without power engineering and that is the reason why considerable investment is poured into power engineering and respective technologies are constantly developing. Therefore, the most stable employers can be found in the field of power engineering that guarantee secure work in the long term.

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