Project Management and Development Department


Director of Project Management and Development Department

Dace Paule
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 550, Riga
+371 67089079

The goal of the Project and Development Department is to increase the competitiveness of Riga Technical University, to promote its development and growth in accordance with the RTU development priorities, ensuring efficient management of development projects and promoting attraction of financing for implementation of projects.
Position Address Phone E-mail
Acting Head of Project Preparation and Development Unit
Vineta Fortiņa
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 553, Riga +371 67089828
Head of Project Implementation and Coordination Unit
Marija Nikipelova
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 557, Riga +371 67089828
Acting Head of Business Development Unit
Kristīne Osīte
2 Daugavgrivas Street, room 548, Riga +371 67089638