Affiliations and Schools

RTU has established a comprehensive network of branches outside the capital city Riga in order to promote intellectual development in the regions of Latvia and to educate and train qualified workforce close to their place of residence in different parts of the country. 

RTU affiliations have been established in four Latvian cities – Cēsis, Daugavpils, Liepāja, and Ventspils. RTU affiliation development policy envisions implementing study programs adapted to the needs of the economy of each territory, as well as improving availability of higher education in the regions of Latvia.

Cēsis Affiliate

Cēsis Affiliation is the newest RTU affiliation that was established in 2011 with an aim to provide engineering education in the Vidzeme Region.

Daugavpils Affiliate

New specialists are educated at RTU Daugavpils Affiliation already for more than five decades. Many RTU Daugavpils Affiliation graduates work at the most prestigious and modern institutions, companies and organizations in the Latgale Region.

Liepāja Affiliate

Ventspils Affiliate

February 1965 is considered to be the time of establishment of RTU Ventspils Affiliation, when Riga Polytechnical Institute established Ventspils Education and Consultation Office as a place where extramural students could attend tutorials. Since 1992 it is also possible to study at full time study programs. The aim of RTU Ventspils Affiliation is to provide engineering education to the residents of Venspils City and Region.

Riga Business School

Riga Business School has operated within RTU since 1991. It was established in cooperation with State University of New York at Buffalo, USA, and University of Ottawa, Canada.

Engineering High School of Riga Technical University

Engineering High School (EHS) of Riga Technical University is the first general secondary education establishment in Latvia that has been founded within the framework of a university. It is the place where the most talented Latvian schoolchildren will be able to acquire the study courses in exact and natural sciences at an advanced level to get prepared for the engineering studies. At EHS, special attention is paid to the integration of engineering studies and scientific research activities into the study process.

RTU Olaine College of Technology

RTU Olaine College of Technology educates and trains professional, high-level specialists in chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, environment, food and other fields.

BALTECH Study Centre

BALTECH Study Center works at RTU since 2000. It is the University Consortium for Science and Technology of the Baltic Sea Region uniting seven engineering universities, which offer graduates the opportunity to enroll for international Masters study programs «Industrial Engineering and Management» and «Environmental Science».