Rector’s Welcome

University should not just react at changes in the society; it should be the driving force for change! Riga Technical University adheres to this principle in the field of tertiary education and is constantly developing to become an internationally recognized, modern, leading research and innovation University in the Baltic States.

By creating one campus in Ķīpsala – a place where new ideas emerge and get implmented – we have developed a comfortable and creative study environment housing with modern faculty buildings, the most modern laboratory building in the Baltics, Design Factory and one of the greenest campuses in Europe.

In the course of our transformation from a classic academic university into a third generation university, we are promoting synergy between science, academic studies, innovation and valorization, educating and training engineers for the future.

The quality of education provided by the RTU is greatly respected by both Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, which unites leading enterprises in the industry, and foreign companies – CERN, Daimler AG, ESA and other, who employ RTU Doctoral students, research staff and alumni.

Due to a wide range of study programs implemented in English, in the last three years the number of international students at RTU has tripled, amounting to 11% from the total number of students.

Despite a marked focus on engineering, we pay much attention to sports and cultural activities as well – RTU's basketball, volleyball and floorball teams have won medals in both Latvian and European championships. The cultural scene at RTU is represented by numerous artistic groups including male choir Gaudeamus – the winner of «Grand Prix» at numerous international competitions.

Our constant striving for excellence is the factor that best characterizes the quality of our work.

Welcome to RTU!

RTU Rector
Academician Dr. habil. sc. ing.
Leonids Ribickis