Ukrainian chess grandmaster Vladimir Onischuk wins «RTU Open 2017»

14th of August, 2017
The winner of the largest chess festival in Northern Europe «RTU Open 2017» – Ukrainian chess grandmaster Vladimir Onischuk. Photo – Leta

Ukrainian chess grandmaster Vladimir Onischuk won the first place in the largest chess festival «RTU Open 2017», international master from Ukraine Sergey Pavlov won the second place, while Israeli chess player Tamir Nabaty ranked third. 655 chess players took part in the festival that concluded on Sunday, 13 August.

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«The tournament was not successful for the favourites, as only one player from the top 6 ranked in the top 10,» says «RTU Open 2017» festival organiser, director of RTU Sports Centre Egons Lavendelis.

From the representatives of Latvia, the third place winner of «RTU Open 2016» Arturs Neikšāns ranked among top 15 in the main or A tournament of the chess festival.

In the «Baltic Law Offices» amateur or B tournament, three Belarusian chess players remained unbeatable – Natalija Popova, followed by Ivan Zhuk and Volha Malatsilava.

From 10 to 13 August, three more amateur tournaments took place. In the ranking up to 2200 (C tournament), Russian chess players Valentin Vlassow and Pavel Shashnev won the first and second place, respectively, while Dutch chess player Edwin Van Dongen ranked third. In the ranking up to 1800 (D tournament), Latvian chess player Valērijs Rižihs reaped the laurels, the representative of the United Kingdom Luke Barron won the second place, and Latvian chess player Daniels Bogorods ranked third. In the special E tournament for amateurs, which was organised for the first time this year, Israeli chess player Gabriel Ionas won the first place, while two Latvian chess players Maksims Andrjušins and Jurģis Jurksta took the second and third place, respectively.

The festival concluded with a fast-paced tournament, in which the American chess player Andrew Tang won the first place. This tournament brought together a record number of players – 277 chess enthusiasts.

The festival is organised by RTU and the Latvian Chess Federation. It is supported by RTU, International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala, Baltic Law Offices, Riga City Council, Riga Islande Hotel.

«RTU Open 2017» Results

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