This Year a Record High Number of Foreign Students Enrolled at RTU

22nd of February, 2018

A record number of foreign students have been admitted to Riga Technical University (RTU) in this academic year, the number has increased by 14% in comparison with the previous year. Currently, 1823 foreign students from 80 countries study at RTU, accounting for 14% of the total number of university students.

This year 1294 foreign students have been admitted to RTU, which is 158 students or 14% more than in academic year 2016/2017. The number of foreign students at RTU has grown substantially over the past few years, increasing more than ten times over eight years. Internationalization is one of the top priorities and strategic goals of RTU and the increase in the number of foreign students is the result of targeted actions in attracting these students.

The majority of students at RTU are from India, Uzbekistan, France, Germany and Kazakhstan. At RTU, there are students form 80 different countries, including 19 European Union countries, as well as such countries as Mauritius, Thailand and Bhutan, from where students undertake studies rarely in Latvia. This year for the first time, students from Switzerland and Vietnam have enrolled at RTU.

In recent years, the most significant student growth is from Germany, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and Mexico.

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22nd of February, 2018 at 18:05

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