The most distinguished scientists and academic staff members will be greeted on the day of RTU 158th Anniversary

11th of October, 2020

On 14 October, Riga Technical University (RTU) will celebrate its 158th anniversary, and as always festive events are planned for this day, during which the most prominent scientists and academic staff members as well as an Honorary Graduate will be honoured. Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, RTU students and employees will be able to watch the events live on RTU intranet ORTUS.

The celebration of anniversary will start with the 61st plenary session of RTU International Scientific Conference, to be opened by RTU Rector Academician Leonīds Ribickis on October 14 at 10.00 RTU in the Great Hall, 1 Kaķļu Street. RTU Vice Rector Academician Tālis Juhna will report on RTU science and research development in the last five years, while Professor Jānis Ločs, Director of the Institute of General Chemical Engineering at Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, will discuss international networking as a tool for growth in science. 

As a tradition during the plenary session winners of «RTU Scientist of the Year 2020», «RTU Young Female Scientist of the Year 2020» and «RTU Young Scientist of the Year 2020» as well as «RTU Annual Valorization Award» and «Annual Student Valorization Award» will be awarded.

After the plenary session of the Scientific Conference at 14.00 in RTU Great Hall ceremonial meeting of RTU Senate will be held. During this meeting, RTU Academic Excellence Awards will be awarded to the most prominent RTU academic staff members, and awards will be received also by RTU Engineering Secondary School teachers - RTU employees. RTU honorary graduate will also be greeted and a number of RTU employees will receive honorary diplomas. 

RTU is the first higher educational institution in the territory of present-day Latvia, established on 14 October 1862. Higher educational institution was needed in Riga because in the mid-19th century the economic development of the Baltic region had reached such a level that without local technical specialists, its development threatened to slow down or even stop at all. Riga Polytechnicum (now RTU) was founded by taking example from the most developed Western European countries, where they already had a three-level technical education system. The development of engineering sciences began with the establishment of Polytechnicum in Riga.

Today, RTU is the only internationally recognized and prestigious multidisciplinary technical university in Latvia. In nine RTU faculties you can master versatile education in high technologies and engineering sciences as well as social sciences and humanities. RTU provides high-quality education, excellent research and valorisation, i.e. innovation and technology transfer, by bringing scientific achievements into practice. 

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11th of October, 2020 at 23:22

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