The Impact Rankings 2023 Most Highly Assesses RTU Contribution in Facilitating Innovations

1st of June, 2023
Technical opportunities of RTU Science and Innovation Centre can be used by students and scientists to create prototypes that will later transform into innovative products. Photo: Elīna Karaseva, RTU

According to the latest data of The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023, having evaluated the contribution of Riga Technical University (RTU) in implementing the UNO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 17) cooperation programme, RTU is ranked among 301–400 universities that implement the sustainable goals most successfully.

RTU received the highest assessment for its achievements in reaching Goal 9 – to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and facilitate innovations. In this position, RTU is ranked the 97th, and this is the highest achievement in this criterion compared to other Latvian universities.

It is important for RTU as a university of science to create new knowledge and innovations, as well as to cooperate with industry, in order to bring new products to the market and contribute to the sustainable development of Latvian national economy. Therefore, also RTU achievements in fulfilling this criterion are quite natural.

Another high assessment received by RTU is for its attempts to achieve Goal 13 – to take urgent actions in order to struggle against climate changes and their impact.

Climate neutrality is also the RTU priority, and a big role in fulfilling this goal is played by RTU scientists, who perform researches, creating new solutions and commercialising products that help Latvia on its way to reaching climate neutrality.

The RTU contribution in achieving Goal 8 – economic growth and employment – is assessed likewise. RTU is ranked 101st –200th in the aforementioned criteria.

Highly assessed is also the RTU contribution in achieving Goal 7 – renewable energy, ranking RTU as 201st –300th. RTU has the same ranking also by demonstrating its contribution to achieve Goal 11 – to make cities and populated areas inclusive, safe, capable to adjust and sustainable, and Goal 12 – to ensure sustainable consumption habits and production models.

RTU contribution in achieving other UN goals has also been recognised. For example, its contribution in achieving Goal 16 – to promote inclusive community and create responsible and inclusive institutions, Goal 17 – to strengthen global partnership, as well as Goal 3 – to ensure healthy life and facilitate well-being.

Sustainable development in general is one of RTU priorities implemented by the university in different directions of its operation, as RTU aims at increasing the awareness of students, employees and the entire society regarding the necessity to reduce the ecological footprint and facilitate creation and usage of environmentally-friendly technologies.

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1st of June, 2023 at 15:27

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