Studies at RTU continue to be provided remotely

24th of March
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Studies and scientific work at Riga Technical University (RTU) continue remotely during the period when precautionary measures have to be observed due to Covid-19 and, with the rector’s order, all intramural studies are cancelled until 9 June. 

Studies are held on different platforms 

Remote studies are held on three Internet platforms, where online lectures can be provided, and in the RTU E-study environment (Moodle), where the teaching staff can place study courses, presentations, home and test works, as well as other information needed for the studies. 

Online lectures are provided by RTU on Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex platforms, where video lectures, webinars and online chat can be organised, as well as lectures can be recorded and students can watch them later at any time. 

Library functions in a restricted mode 

During the period until 9 June, the RTU Scientific Library invites readers to use its e-resources in the RTU internal network ORTUS or in the library section on the RTU webpage

Consultations on usage of e-resources are available by phone 67089102  on weekdays from 9:00–17:00.

Books can be received in the library at 5 Paula Valdena Street, on the 1st floor (entrance from the Zunda Canal side), on weekdays from 11:00–15:00. 
Books must be reserved on the previous day. 
Books can be reserved by: 

  • writing to ;
  • in the ORTUS section “Library”;
  • PRIMO;

Consultations on reservation of books are available by phone 67089308670894506708946867089102 on weekdays from 9:00–17:00.

The term of using books can be extended by: 

  • writing to the e-mail: ;
  • in the ORTUS section “Library”;

Consultations are available by phone 67089308670894506708946867089102 on weekdays from 9:00–17:00.

Books can be handed over in the automatic book transfer machine at 5 P. Valdena Street (entrance from the Zunda Canal side), at the entrance doors, on weekdays from 9:00–17:00 or placed in the orange box at the library entrance, from the yard side.

Design Factory takes a brea

The open-type workshop «theLAB» of the RTU Design Factory, where RTU students, employees and scientists have the opportunity to materialise their inventions by using the technological capabilities of 3D printing, laser cutting and gradation, plotter, large-format printing and other auxiliary equipment, is also closed until 9 June. Activities for education and business support programmes implemented by the RTU Design Factory are also cancelled and rescheduled. This applies to «Demola Latvia», «RTU IdeaLAB», «Vertical Integrated Project», «Product Development Project», «Co.Lab» activities of the «RTU Innovation Grants for Students» project, as well as «EIT Climate-KIC» and «EIT Food» programmes.

Co-lecturing and networking activities are rescheduled to the period after 9 June, while individual work takes place remotely, for example, teams of the «Vertically Integrated Project» are working remotely at the discretion of the head of each group, «RTU IdeaLAB», «Demola Latvia» will continue their team work individually or with mentors online, while the «Product Development Project» lectures are held in video format. Programme coordinators will personally inform participants about the spotlights.

Covid-19 has also introduced changes in the procedure of the annual 3D printing competition, organised by the Students Parliament and Design Factory of RTU in cooperation with trainer and mechanic of the Latvian national sledge team Mārtiņš Rubens, to create an award prototype for the Luge World Cup event in Sigulda. At present, lectures for the competition participants are cancelled. 

Employees work remotely

Heads of RTU organisational units allow employees working remotely whenever possible. It is ordered to cancel scheduled meetings, conferences and seminars and not to organise new ones, when there are more than 30 participants. 

All planned and approved business trips and travels abroad are cancelled. Whereas, students and employees, who (or whose family members) have been beyond the territory of Latvia within last 14 days, must notify about it with no delay to the e-mail: and may not arrive to RTU premises or contact RTU students or employees in person for minimum 14 days upon arrival, as well as go for self-isolation by strictly observing recommendations of the Disease Prevention and Control Centre.

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