RTU remains on the leading position in Latvia in the U-Multirank rating

21st of June, 2022

Riga Technical University (RTU) has received 15 A-level assessments in the international U-Multirank 2022 rating. That is the highest number of A-level assessments among Latvian universities. For several years in a row, RTU has convincingly obtained the best results in this rating compared to all Latvian universities included in U-Multirank 2022.

The U-Multirank rating consists of five parts – the study process, research, technology transfer or valorisation, internationalization and regional involvement, and each of these parts evaluates universities according to a number of criteria. This rating is important for Latvian higher education institutions, because since 2016, the Ministry of Education and Science has included a condition for participation in U-Multirank in agreements with higher education institutions on the allocation of budget funding.

The performance of higher education institutions in each field is assessed on a scale from A, which means the highest assessment, to E. RTU number of A-level assessments has increased. While last year RTU was awarded 13 A-level assessments, this year, already 15. For example, in the study process, A-level assessment was granted for RTU contribution to digital education, as well as gender balance in studies. In research, RTU has received an A-level assessment for the number of interdisciplinary publications, income from research, the number of postdoctoral students, as well as for researchers' publications in open access journals.

In its turn, in the section of technology transfer or valorisation an A-level assessment was granted for the number of companies established or spin-off by RTU itself, as well as the number of companies established by graduates. The study programs developed by RTU in English, the number of student mobility, as well as publications created in cooperation with colleagues from other countries are highly valued in internationalization. On the other hand, the regional impact of the career development of Bachelor and Master degree holders in the region, as well as publications developed in cooperation with industry partners have been assessed with an A-level assessment.

U-Multirank is the most comprehensive rating that evaluates a very wide range of university activities, and RTU has been a convincing leader in this ranking in Latvia for several years in a row. This year the rating includes new indicators in the evaluation, such as investment in digital education, as well as gender balance in studies, where RTU has received a high assessment.

RTU purposefully and strategically develops both the study process and cooperation with industry, which is especially important for RTU, considering both the fact that it is the only multidisciplinary technical university in Latvia and the lack of engineering and high-tech specialists in the labor market it is especially important to contribute to the training of young professionals.

U-Multirank is the world’s largest multidimensional rating, designed to allow potential students to choose their university, as the performance of universities can be assessed by specific fields of science and study. The information provided by the universities themselves, information from various international and national databases, and survey results have been used to create the rating. This year, the ranking includes information on 2,200 higher education institutions. 21 universities from Latvia participate in U-Multirank.

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21st of June, 2022 at 14:32

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