RTU Rector together with scientists from 13 EU countries agrees on the European Science and Research Development Guidelines

12th of March, 2019

Rector of Riga Technical University (RTU), Academician Leonīds Ribickis together with 38 scientists from 13 European Union (EU) Member States has signed a joint communiqué, which expresses the commitment to make the EU the world’s strongest community and a leader in the field of education, research, innovation, quality and ethical standards by 2050.

Communiqué includes EU development issues and the role of scientists in it. The document states that the EU future decisions shall be based on evidence, and scientists shall make an effort to be able to provide precisely targeted advice timely as well as improve their performance in science communication, so that their accomplishments would be an integral part of decision-making process. A specific emphasis is placed on the need to focus on a unified and consistent EU development, bridging the gaps between Eastern and Western, Northern and Southern EU Member States, as well as on the promotion of their closer cooperation. 

The document defines «European higher education, science and innovation culture» and highlights that its foundation is critical thinking, which should be developed and promoted throughout the life-long learning cycle – from primary to further education. However, excellence should unchangeably remain the main criterion of education, science and innovation field. Communiqué emphasizes the need to promote inclusiveness, develop joint research projects and implement exchange projects for researchers in such a way as to prevent the brain drain in the Northern and Western direction.

Communiqué afterword states, «Success in European education, research and innovation field cannot be gained without academic autonomy and freedom of research and ideas.»

Joint communiqué – Forum Future Europe – «Raising Inclusion and Performance of European Research and Innovation»

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12th of March, 2019 at 10:25

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