RTU professor Inga Lapiņa receives Letter of Commendation from the President of the State

17th of May
Photo: Chancery of the President of Latvia

Professor Inga Lapiņa of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management (FEEM) of Riga Technical University has received a Letter of Commendation from the President of Latvia Egils Levits for her selfless contribution to the improvement of the quality of education in Latvia.

The President expresses his appreciation of professor I. Lapiņa’s selfless work in drafting fundamental and extensive amendments to the Law on Education, the Law on Vocational Education and the Law on Higher Education Institutions. «Your active participation in this ambitious improvement of education laws is a significant contribution to the quality of education in Latvia, working for the benefit of the Latvian state and society,» says the Letter of Commendation.

Professor I. Lapiņa of the Department of Quality Technologies of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management was invited by the Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee to participate in the improvement of laws as an expert in the quality of education. With her expertise, the RTU professor helped to formulate the term «education quality» in the Law on Education – the quality of education is the process, content, environment and management that provides inclusive education and the opportunity to achieve high-quality results in accordance with the goals set by society and the state.

Thus, there has been a shift in the perception – from the definition that the state has a duty to provide education to the concept that the state creates the conditions for high-quality education. «The law must create conditions for people to have an opportunity to have constant improvement and education throughout their lives, instead of hindering it or drawing limits. What is our goal? It is people who will create and develop the Latvian economy in the future; therefore, the education system must ensure progress – we must create new knowledge and ensure knowledge transfer,» explains I. Lapiņa.

She has spent her entire working life – 25 years – in an academic environment at FEEM RTU, at the same time she has been working internationally as an expert in assessing the quality of education, as well as in the Council of Experts in Business, Finance, Accounting and Administration. Thus, in improving the laws of education, the professor used both her experience in the academic environment and the knowledge gained while working in the professional environment.

«It is important for me that the Latvian education system, especially higher education, develops with the times and is internationally competitive. I truly care about what happens in schools, what our young people will be like, in what kind of education system my children study,» says I. Lapiņa.

The professor thanks the Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee for the opportunity to work on amendments to the law: «I appreciate that in this term of the Saeima, the committee was thinking in a modern and systemic way and so progressive, and prepared amendments to the law that promoted the reform of the education system so that it would be truly modern and of high quality. I am very honoured to have the opportunity to share my professional experience and knowledge in the process of developing the law.»

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