RTU invites students to propose solutions to business problems in the spring season of Demola Latvia Innovation Platform

19th of January, 2018

By 31 January, it is possible to apply for the spring season of Demola Latvia International Innovation Platform, where student teams will have to deal with ten problem situations defined by enterprises and institutions.

Eight Latvian companies – KPMG, Omniva, Swedbank, Forevers, 4 finance, Foodio LV, 123 drivers LTD and Caljan Rite-Hite Latvia – and the State Employment Service will propose problem situations. The situations are different, for example, KPMG invites students to think about creating an attractive motivating system for employees, Swedbank – to improve the usability of online banking, Omniva – to search for new locations of parcel machine installation and propose delivery solutions from foreign online shops.

Apply for participation in Demola Latvia in the spring season by 31 January here.

Fifty students will be enrolled. Demola Latvia will provide a work plan, methodology, mentor support and organise workshops to reach the result in interdisciplinary teams. If the ideas and the end result are satisfactory, students will receive a reward from the partner, while the partner – new, creative solutions. Several solutions proposed by the student teams in the 2017 Demola Latvia autumn season have already been purchased by companies.

«Demola is a great tool for two reasons: we can get a solution related to the development of a company that we have not figured out ourselves due to lack of time, and we can have a new viewpoint  from students from different countries. It is difficult to imagine or clarify the implementation of a particular idea, because the experience is so large or small that it is sometimes hard to spot things straight away. For example, in the 2017 autumn season our Demola team consisted of students from Germany, Russia and Uzbekistan who studied the development possibilities of «inbox.eu», analysed competitors and proposed improvements of our product for the German market,» said Chairperson of the Board of Inbox Andris Griķis.

«Demola Latvia is not only a valuable experience and a growth environment but also an opportunity to offer a unique solution to the industry, which combines students’ knowledge, skills and experience into interdisciplinary team work. This is a project where students have a unique opportunity to work in a real results-oriented environment,» says Project Coordinator Liene Rubina.

RTU in cooperation with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and the University of Latvia has acquired the rights and funding to create and maintain the Demola Latvia Platform.

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19th of January, 2018 at 15:15

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