RTU graduate is willing to present a motorcycle factory to Latvia in 2018

17th of January, 2017
RTU graduate Edgars Viziņš (the first person on the right) together with the colleagues who share his views Čārlzs Bušmans, Martiņš Jurgevics and Miks Lodziņš has constructed an electric scooter at RTU Design Factory. Photo – Archive of E. Viziņš

To present the motorcycle factory to Latvia by 2018 is the dream of the graduate of Riga Technical University (RTU) Edgars Viziņš, who together with the colleagues sharing his views has constructed the electric scooter at RTU Design Factory.

«The scooter is positioned as a delivery vehicle, but it can be used to move around on a daily basis», said E. Viziņš, who started to invent different things already in childhood, in LNT broadcast «900 Seconds».

In the broadcast program devoted to 17 January – Kid Inventors’ Day – E. Viziņš said that his first contact with machinery was at the age of 12 when he asked the parents to buy him a technical device. It was an old and dismantled moped «Riga», and the challenge was to get the moped in running order. «I did it,» said Edgars. He showed an early interest in inventions and appliances, and he was encouraged by his grandfather, a mechanical engineer.

When he was an 11th-form pupil, Edgars realized that the handiwork could also be sold. «After I had built a racing motorcycle, people came and asked whether they could take a photo. At that moment I realized that everything I could make could also be positioned and sold», said Edgars.

E. Viziņš hopes that his electric scooter will be demonstrated to wide public in mid-February and it will become the beginning of a larger idea: «My dream is to present to Latvia the [lost] motorcycle factory by 2018».

LNT broadcast program also told the viewers about Aleksandrs Okss, the Leading Researcher at the Institute of Design Technologies of RTU, who consulted talented children in order to ultimately create unique products. One of them is a smart sock, which in the future could help sports professionals, amateurs and also be used in medicine. The co-authors of this project (schoolgirls) in May this year will go to the world invention competition in the US. Currently, work is underway to develop an intelligent doll for children with motor disabilities.

LNT broadcast «Latvian young inventors amaze» (17 January 2017) in Latvian

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17th of January, 2017 at 14:59

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