RTU cancels all the classes and events from the 13th of March

12th of March, 2020
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In accordance with the decision of the Government of Latvia all  classes and events at Riga Technical University are cancelled from 13.03. to 9.06. due to the COVID-19 concerns.

Please follow updates on ORTUS about how the distance studies will be organized.

Please refrain from travelling abroad, only in case of emergency, and always inform FSD in case if you need to travel. RTU is not recommending leaving Latvia, but in case of an emergency after carefully evaluating all risks if it is still necessary to leave, please read the information for travelers by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) of Latvia.

Remember - travel restriction are in place at many countries to limit the spread of COVID-19. There are chances that when you arrive in your country of destination (or even a country of transit) you may be place at 2-week quarantine.

You also could be placed at a 2-week quarantine upon arrival back in Latvia - here are the current affected areas the Latvian government has confirmed - when returning from these areas, the 2-week quarantine is obligatory. The list can be supplemented by new areas in the future. Please be responsible and inform RTU if you are traveling, and contact us before you plan to return to make sure your location is not in the list of affected areas and you may return safely.

Please follow the information on the situation about COVID-19 at the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) homepage.

Due to the current state of emergency the FSD offices will be providing all services online only - please refrain from visiting us in person.

We will be processing all incoming e-mails as soon as possible - we understand how important it is to respond quickly to all inquiries.

Thank you for your understaning and please stay safe, alert but not anxious!


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12th of March, 2020 at 18:32

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