RTU announces an open international competition for electing the next Rector

13th of September, 2022

Riga Technical University (RTU) organises elections of its next Rector in conformity with the new version of the Latvian Law on Higher Education Institutions and good management principles, having attracted a personnel selection company that will provide support in selection and assessment of candidates for the Rector’s position, by arranging an open international competition and involving in decision-taking both the RTU family and national economy experts. RTU invites candidates to submit their applications by 10 October. 

«The university’s cooperation with industry on the local and international scale is very significant for the promotion of national economy and increasing the business capacity. Nowadays Latvia’s economic growth is not possible without innovations, creation of high added value products and services; therefore, the cooperation with industries focused on development and results will be one of the priorities in the work of a new Rector of RTU. Latvian largest entrepreneur organisations also cooperate in the process of selecting the Rector – the Nomination Committee includes representatives from the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia,»   states the Chairman of RTU Council Andris Vanags.

«The Rector’s elections have a significant role in the faster international development of higher education. Further growth of RTU as the leading university of sciences depends on the Rector’s vision of the university development, the ability to bring an international spirit into it, to increase competitiveness, modern education and research based on excellence and the ability to create and lead a team skilfully that will help to achieve the strategic goals. The successful outcome of the elections will also be a positive confirmation of the reform of higher education management and a stimulus for further development of Latvia’s national economy and society,» emphasises Member of the RTU Council Sanda Liepiņa. She indicates that there is nothing more important for Latvia’s long-term competitiveness than education of highly-qualified labour force. The role of RTU in training of specialists in demand on the labour market and creating of innovations required for the economy growth is confirmed both by assessment of Latvian employers and by international rankings.

The Law on Higher Education Institutions anticipates that candidates for a rector’s position at a State higher education institution shall be selected at an open international competition. The RTU Council has decided to organise the elections according to the good management principles, by establishing a detailed and transparent selection process. The international experience shows that candidates elected this way implement the university’s strategic goals more successfully, promote its more dynamic development with better results in introduction of innovations in education and research and attraction of funds.

The RTU Senate, in cooperation with the Council, has developed and approved the Rector Election Regulation, the personnel selection company «   Eiro Personāls» has been selected through the procurement process, ensuring support in attraction, selection and assessment of the candidates. The Nomination Committee has been established to evaluate the candidates jointly with the personnel selection company. The Nomination Committee includes RTU employees, who represent interests of the academic staff, students and graduates, representatives of the RTU Council, the Ministry of Education and Science and industry. Candidates for the Rector’s position selected by the Nomination Committee will be presented to the RTU Council which will take a decision on the candidate or candidates to be voted for at the RTU Constitutional Assembly. Prior to the voting, debates of the candidates will be held to inform RTU employees and students with the programme of their activities. 

To apply for the competition, an impeccable reputation is required, a Doctor of Science degree in any of the fields of science included into the RTU strategic specialisation areas and research achievements, a minimum five-year continuous experience in a top management position, preferably in the academic environment, and lasting participation in international organisations, for example, associations, societies, expert councils, a minimum five-year experience in management of research and/or development projects and attraction of funding, as well as an experience of scientific or research representation on the international level. Candidates for the Rector’s position are also required to have knowledge in Latvian and foreign languages, in addition, experience will be evaluated on a leading position in the academic environment, an international undertaking or organisation, an international environment of different scales, activity as a member of the national academy of sciences, an internationally recognised research according to the Hirsch index, etc. 

The Competition Regulation stipulates that candidates for the Rector’s position need to have understanding of an organisation and team management, strategy development and introduction, development of an academic and scientific environment, provision of qualitative studies, valorisation in academic and scientific environment, provision of institutional excellence, RTU operation and governance, normative regulation, best corporate management practices, operation of state administration and system, enterprise financial management issues and enterprise representation in Latvia and in the international environment, cooperation with the involved parties, society and students. The candidates should also have a strategic vision and competencies in management of changes and orientation on development, leadership, team management and development, cooperation, formation and support of relations, decision-taking. 

An Open International Call for Applications for the Position of the Rector

Rector selection process CV template

RTU is the only multidisciplinary technical university in Latvia. This year it celebrates its 160th anniversary. 

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13th of September, 2022 at 11:16

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