In the Prestigious «QS World University Rankings by Subject», RTU Is Convincingly Acknowledged the Best Latvian University in Engineering and Technology

22nd of March, 2023

Riga Technical University (RTU) has improved its positions in the prestigious QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023, being ranked among the world’s best 301–350 universities in power engineering and electronics. Overall, in engineering and technology, RTU is ranked as the 401st–450th and is the only university on such position in Latvia.

The performance of universities in the ranking is evaluated in five subject areas – engineering and technology, arts and humanities, life sciences and medicine, natural sciences, social sciences and management.

Further on, universities are evaluated more comprehensively in the specific fields. RTU has achieved the best result in power engineering and electronics, being ranked the 301st–350th, as well as in mechanics, aeronautics and manufacturing, RTU has climbed up in the ranking compared to the previous year and now is the 351st–400th. RTU is ranked the 401st–420th in material science, the 551st–580th in business and management studies, the 551st–600th in computer science and information technology, having become the best in Latvia in this position.

With regards to the aforementioned performance, RTU occupies similar positions in the Baltics with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH), which is also ranked the 401st–450th in its overall evaluation. Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu University are ranked the 451st–500th, and Kaunas University of Technology is ranked the 501st–530th.

«RTU is very much proud of being evaluated in the internationally prestigious ranking as the best Latvian university in engineering and technology. Our new Rector has received a task from RTU Council to have the university included in the world’s 500 best universities, and the achievements in this ranking form an excellent ground for RTU to achieve similarly good results also in other subject areas and become the first Latvian university to be included in the world’s top 500,» said RTU Director of Administration Juris Iljins.

Universities are evaluated in the ranking according to their academic reputation, employer reputation, research citation and H-index. Evaluation of the academic and employer reputation is obtained based on wide international surveys, research citation is evaluated according to the average number of publications, which reveal the impact and quality of the research performed at the university, whereas H-index covers the most quoted publications in scientific institutions and the citation indicators of other publications, thus analysing the productivity and impact of the university researchers.

The first in the engineering and technology section of the ranking is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the USA, the second is Stanford University, the USA, and the third is the University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom.

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22nd of March, 2023 at 15:18

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