Fashion Show and Exhibitions Showcase the Creative Work of Students at the RTU Institute of Architecture and Design

17th of May

The transition from the known reality to the unknown, sustainable textile processing technologies, ecological solutions and other contemporary clothing and design trends will be presented in the showcase of clothing collections created by students of Riga Technical University Institute of Architecture and Design (RTU ADI) and the design and architecture exhibition «R:ADI TU». The exhibition will open on 23 May at 16.00 at ADI, Kipsalas iela 6, 2nd floor, and the fashion show at 18.00 at the Drawing Room, 4th floor.

The fashion show of the collections created by the students of the Materials Technology and Design study programme, the exhibitions of the undergraduate works of future product designers, clothing and textile engineers and architects form a whole and a common story about the creative ideas and world view of RTU ADI students.

The fashion show with the unifying theme «Mystery of Illusions», which will take place in person for the first time after Covid-19, will take place for the 20th time this year and is intended as the culmination of "R:ADI TU". In their collections, the students of the Materials Technology and Design programme have found the essence of their own illusions and mysteries, from visually accessible references to familiar motifs such as the story of Alice in Wonderland or classic circus characters and colour symbolism, to complex ideas and design proposals.

Recycling, waste-free cutting and eco-friendly solutions are an integral part of contemporary clothing design, which is why the designers focus on sustainability and wearability. In creating the collections, the students have used their knowledge of textiles and textile processing technologies, they have drawn the sketches, constructed the patterns and made the garments themselves, so it is safe to say that both the design of the garments and the material technologies are equally important to the artists. Due to the limited number of places, the fashion show will be open only to invited guests with an invitation.

The exhibition of products created by future designers will showcase bachelor students' works from the Materials Technology and Design programme - games, interior objects, furniture, various accessories and other design objects. For those who will not be able to attend the fashion show, the exhibition will also showcase student-made collections from 27 May.

On the 3rd floor of RTU ADI House, students of the Architecture programme will present their bachelor theses, which offer different visions for the development of the area belonging to the Zunda Canal.

For students and faculty, the exhibitions and fashion shows are the most important events of the year, where entrepreneurs, manufacturers, representatives of the fashion, clothing and textile industries, designers, photographers and stylists can meet and get to know young professionals, their experiments with materials and technologies and innovative possibilities in designing clothing collections.

The student exhibitions will be on show until the beginning of July on weekdays 9.00-20.00 and Saturdays 10.00-17.00. Entrance is free.

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17th of May at 11:55

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