During the examination session, students will have access to the entire new library building 24/7

2nd of December, 2019

Following the suggestion of the Student Parliament of Riga Technical University (RTU), the entire new building of RTU Scientific Library (at Paula Valdena Street 5) will be available to students 24/7 before and during the examination session.

This semester, this new service will be provided from 9 December to 20 December and from 6 January to 17 January. To get access to the 24-hour reading room, it is necessary to register at the ORTUS Library section, as entry requires a student card, which must be scanned at the card reader. If a visitor is willing to register a book in order to take home, they can do it on the 4th floor of the Library at the self-service vending machine. Students will be able to return books to the Library on the 4th floor and at the front door.

We encourage you to observe the order, quietness, cleanliness at the Library and follow the regulations of the 24-hour reading room, which are available at the Library section.


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2nd of December, 2019 at 14:47

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