An open lecture by Prof. Yuri Dokshitzer

9th of June
Prof. Yuri Dokshitzer

An open lecture, titled «Demystifying Strong Interactions», by Prof. Yuri Dokshitzer will take place on Tuesday, 15th of June at 14pm, at the Riga Technical University.

Prof. Dokshitzer was born in 1951 in Riga and studied physics in the St. Peterburg (Leningrad) State University and St. Peterburg Nuclear Physics Institute.

He was awarded his degree in theoretical physics in 1979.

Prof. Dokshitzer gained renown with a scientific paper on calculations of the structure functions for Deep Inelastic Scattering by Perturbation Theory in Quantum Chromodynamics.

This paper has been, to date, cited 4232 times, including 51 times in 2021.

For his achievements in furtherance of theoretical physics, together with Guido Altarelli, Giorgio Parisi and Lev Lipatov, Prof. Dokshitezer was awarded the European Physics Society prize in 2015.

Prof. Dokshitzer spent his career in various leadership positions in multiple European countries, including holding the high position of the Director of Research of the main research body of France, CNRS, from 2000 to 2016.

Since 2016. Prof. Dokshitzer has held the honourary title of Director of Research Emeritus of CNRS.

In 2020 Prof. Dokshitzer joined the team of the RTU Centre of High-Energy Physics and Particle Accelerators (HEP&AT Centre), where he has been educating and training the young researchers of both RTU and the University of Latvia (UL).

The importance of the addition of Prof. Dokshitzer to our team was also recognized by the CERN Task Force, which visited Latvia to evaluate the country's readiness to become an Associate Member state of CERN.

The open lecture of Prof. Dokshitzer will be made available on the Zoom webinar platform.

Duration of the lecture 40 + 10 minutes.

Language of the lecture: English

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