65 Researchers, Academics and Students Learn from Scandinavian Best Practices in Fostering Innovation

14th of May

Over three years, an international EEA scholarship project, implemented by RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management in cooperation with the Southeastern University of Norway, provides 65 RTU researchers, experienced academics and students with the opportunity to explore the innovation environment in Scandinavia, gain and exchange experiences, interact, and promote the creation of innovative business ideas and service companies in Latvia.

Initially, 39 researchers were planned to participate in the international mobility, but during the project implementation, an opportunity to increase RTU support was found, resulting in 26 more researchers, including 20 young professionals from Ukraine, gaining international experience in Scandinavia, where one of the fastest growing ecosystems of advanced technologies, innovations and start-ups in the world can be observed.

Researchers particularly welcome the opportunity to participate in academic research, exploring the relationship between industry and academia and learning about the international working climate and environment. During the project, seven scientific publications have been produced and several case studies have been carried out, which will be used to improve the study process at RTU. Five bachelor and master students of the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management of RTU studied for a semester at the Southeastern University of Norway and had internships in Norwegian companies, gaining practical experience, establishing business contacts for the future and supporting the development of companies with their expertise. The project also worked towards further academic cooperation.

The project concluded on 30 April with a visit to Norway for researchers, students and faculty. This year, nine Ukrainian students took part in the trip and were particularly happy to visit Konsberg, which is known worldwide as a high-tech city. It is home to the headquarters of Norway's largest defence company, Kongsberg Gruppen, which provides military assistance to Ukraine.

The funds for the implementation of the project «Learning International Practices, Knowledge Interaction for Innovation» (No.EEA-GRANT-204-4534) were provided by the State Agency for Educational Development with EEA funding. The aim of the project was to gain knowledge from the exchange of experience between Norway and Latvia in strengthening international activities, strengthening research capacity, strengthening academic environment and business relations.

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14th of May at 17:20

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