155th Anniversary of RTU will be celebrated with a broad program

6th of October, 2017

During the second week of October, 155th Anniversary of Riga Technical University (RTU) will be celebrated with a broad program, which will culminate on October 14 – the birthday of the University.

The celebration will start on October 10 with RTU History Day, when exhibition hall of RTU History Museum and the 5th volume of the book “History of Higher Technical Education in Latvia” will be officially opened. One of the authors of the book – Ilgvars Grosvalds, who celebrates his 90th anniversary this year, will be granted RTU Certificate of Recognition for Lifetime Contribution to RTU and the study of the history of chemistry.

In honour of RTU 155th Anniversary the session «History of Engineering Sciences and Higher Education Institutions» of RTU 58th International Scientific Conference will be held on October 10. On October 14, after the ceremonial meeting of RTU Senate, which will commence the program of celebratory events, the plenary session of the international scientific conference will be held, with the presentations of RTU Vice-Rector for Research Professor Tālis Juhna and RTU Vice-Rector for Strategic  Development Artūrs Zeps.

At the plenary session, the award ceremony for the honorary titles «RTU Scientist of the Year 2017», «RTU Young Scientist of the Year 2017» and «RTU Young Female Scientist of the Year 2017» will be held. “RTU Annual Valorization Award” will be presented for the first time in RTU history. The competition for RTU Annual Valorisation Award was established in the anniversary year to evaluate significant activities in valorization – in the commercialization of the products developed at the university and promotion, patenting, and launch of results of applied research, and their use in establishing new enterprises.

One of the strategic aims of RTU is to create an environment for efficient technology transfer and development of innovations, which would facilitate establishment of new enterprises and new product design. Therefore, special attention is paid to creation of new innovative technologies, their development and commercialization promoting establishment of new enterprises by students and members of academic personnel. Increasing attention is also paid to the development of entrepreneurial spirit in students, educating and training not only highly skilled and knowledgeable employees but also employers for the labour market.

On October 14, after the plenary session of the international scientific conference, the reception of the Rector Academician Leonīds Ribickis will take place, and in the evening – an Anniversary Gala Event and a ball. Entrance to these events with invitations only.

RTU (then Riga Polytechnicum) was founded on October 14, 1862 as the first multidisciplinary technical university in the Russian Empire. Shortly after the founding of the Republic of Latvia at the beginning of 1919, the Latvia Higher School was established on the basis of the then Riga Polytechnic Institute, it was later renamed the University of Latvia. Riga Polytechnic Institute became an independent higher education institution in 1958. The current name – Riga Technical University – was obtained in 1990.

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6th of October, 2017 at 12:47

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