7th of April, 2018, 8:00 - 20:00

It's the middle of spring... the birds are singing and you are slowly walking towards Ķīpsala. You are not alone, you have your teammates with you and it cheers you up- maybe this year it will be us. Maybe this year we will be the ones who build the strongest spaghetti bridge in Baltic spaghetti bridge building competition «STiKS 9»! That's right, its time for the9th annual competition, which tests your engineering abilities, precision and, of course, creativity. This year you can show of your skills on 7th April in Faculty of Architecture (Ķīpsalas street 6).

The rules are the same- small student, highschooler and design bridges will be constructed on site, but large student bridge teams will arrive at the event with pre-built bridges. The theme of the design bridge category will be revealed right before the beginning of the construction. The bridges have to be built according to guidelines written in the regulation.

If you wish to participate in this competition, you only have to gather your team and fill out the registration form. Wouldn't hurt if you pressed «going» in the Facebook event.

Press here, to fill out the registration form.

Since the amount of teams (2-3 participants in each) is limited, you should waste no time, so someone else doesn't take your place in the category you wish to compete in!

See you in 7th April at the most interesting competition you can write in your CV!

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29th of March, 2018 at 11:21

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