Creative Tuesday: Economics of Creativity (online)

19th of May, 18:30 - 20:30

Develop your creative edge! Join our weekly creative meetups and learn how to use new tools, methods and approaches to boost your creative mind. Although creativity is one of our most valuable resources, we don't spend nearly enough time on developing it as a conscious skill. 

Prepare a notebook, laptop or tablet (if available), check your camera and microphone and meet you very soon online for some untamed creativity!

To register, just press «going» to the Facebook event and fill the registration form. Participation is free, participant limit 25 people. 

Creative Tuesdays are realized in collaboration with «RTU studentu inovāciju granti» project nr. RTU inovāciju granti studentiem as part of PVS 3912

Video live stream will be recorded and published.

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18th of May at 13:46

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