Baxter Robot Revival by Deep Learning Application

Baxter Robot Revival by Deep Learning Application

Introduction to the Summer School

It seems that no one is surprised that we encounter robots more and more in our everyday life. To a greater or lesser extent, each of us is already used to the coexistence of humans and robots. We can say that the future that was reflected in science fiction books and films has arrived. Nowadays another question has become relevant: can we imagine that our colleague at work can also be a robot?

The summer school ‘Making a Baxter robot alive using deep learning’ will bring the human-robot interaction into the spotlight. Participants in the summer school will have a unique opportunity to work with the Baxter robot by programming specific tasks for it, which will allow a deeper understanding of the capabilities of the mechanical ‘colleague’. During school, participants will be introduced in deep understanding of mathematics, theory, and practice behind deep machine learning, which will be used to control Baxter robot.

It is important to mention that the Baxter robot was not chosen at random, as this specific machine was created to be able to collaborate and develop more successful human-robot co-working possibilities. Baxter as a humanoid robot can handle a variety of repetitive and precision tasks that humans perform, and therefore it is very popular among various industries.

Availability 17 July–28 July 2023

Entry requirements Participants must be enrolled in a degree related to computer science, IT, engineering, cybersecurity, electronics, programming, etc.

Tuition Fee EUR 800

Learning Outcomes RTU certificate, 6 ECTS

Accommodation Included upon request only/shared rooms

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:

  • Calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory in practical applications;
  • Practical applications of Python, Numpy, and PyTorch;
  • Application of artificial neural networks for vision tasks, such as classification and segmentation;
  • Reinforcement learning in simulation and physical Baxter robot environment;
  • Baxter robot programming to execute mobile robot tasks.

In case any questions regarding registration and organisation issues occur, contact:

Project Coordinator
Mr Arturs Lusis
+371 67089036

Head of Unit
Ms Natalja Muracova
+371 29217056

Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit