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Transcript of records

Transcript of records

At RTU Student Service, students can receive a transcript of records for the study courses learned. A transcript of records may be received for the entire study period or for a specific semester.

A transcript of records provides information on which academic year and in which semester the specific study courses have been completed. It shows the title of the study course, the type of the final examination, the number of credit points obtained and the received assessment.

A transcript of records, either in Latvian or in English, can be applied for in ORTUS e-environment by completing the respective application. 

A transcript of records is prepared within three workdays from the day the application is submitted. The prepared transcript of records can be received at the Student Service by presenting the valid RTU student ID card or another person identification document. In the event the ordered transcript of records is not collected within a month, it will be destroyed.   


How to receive it?

  1. By completing the application in ORTUS, For Students -> Study information -> Notices, providing the receipt address – 6 Azenes Street, Riga or e-mail;
  2. It is also possible to receive a transcript of records electronically signed, if the application indicates "e-mail". The signature can be verified by Eparaksts.lv;
  3. By sending a request to or by calling +371 67089364 and giving your first name, surname, Student ID No.;
  4. The respective semester regarding which you need the transcript must be provided, as well as additional information, if required;
  5. Your transcript of record can be received at the Student Service on 6 Azenes Street, Riga (Ground Floor) on the day specified. To receive it, you need to present your student ID card or another person identification document.