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Workshop «Creating navigation bar using HTML and CSS» - Copy

24th of February, 2023

RTU Career Center invites you to participate in «Career days 2023» workshop «Creating navigation bar using HTML and CSS, organized by Magebit».

Workshop will take place at «Creer day» exabition hall 17th of March, 11.00-11.40.

In this workshop you will have a chance to develop and design your own navigation bar together with an experienced Web Developer from Magebit. 

Workshop will consist of a short overview of technologies/terms used in the development, after which you will plan the development process (create elements of the goal, division problems, criteria). 

And in the end create the system following HTML semantics, and if time allows, also responsive design.


  • Basic knowledge about HTML elements
  • Some background about CSS (flex, margin, padding, hover, fonts, etc.)
  • Please make sure that you will be able to use your personal laptop to participate!

The workshop will be conducted by Edgars Pujāts (Web Developer).

You can apply for a workshop by filling out the application form.

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