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Guest lecture "The Power of Professional Selling for Technical Minds"

11th of April

Dan Moore is visiting Latvia and wants to share his experience with RTU students! 

This presentation helps audience members understand WHY everyone – especially entrepreneurs and technical people -- needs to understand how to sell ideas, WHAT professional ethical selling is, and HOW to structure a sales presentation that effectively communicates the idea. It breaks down some of the common misconceptions about selling (such as, “I don’t have the personality for sales,” and “Salespeople are always high-pressure”), and shows a simple process that anyone can adapt to their current and future projects that involve communicating persuasively.

Dan comes from northern New Mexico. He attended Harvard University, where he graduated with honors at age 20. He also holds an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management, where he was an honors graduate and Class Speaker. He started in the business world the same way tens of thousands of others over the years have – as a college student running his own business in Southwestern Advantage’s summer sales and business leadership program. He paid his Harvard tuition by selling products door to door and building sales teams.  

In all, he has trained more than 100,000 people how to sell, how to lead, and how to get on the path toward achieving their goals in life. He lectures frequently at colleges and universities across North America and Europe. He has been the host of TEDx Nashville, which had more than 1,500 audience members.  

Speaker: Dan Moore
Time: 16.30 PM
Place: RTU Campus, Ķīpsala. Room will be sent in email
Planned duration: ~2h
Register for lecture HERE

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