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RTU Cheerleading Team

RTU Cheerleading Team

From one dance, RTU cheerleading team has grown to become the first professional cheerleading team in Latvia. It happened when the 1st year student Katrīna Kūma turned into reality the opportunity that nobody had previously seized. When in 2012 application to cheerleading team was announced, ten girls applied, and the guys soon joined the team. The number of members of RTU cheerleading team is increasing year by year.

For more information, please contact with coach Eleonora Sušinska 20007477

If you are an active, positive and athletic student, join RTU cheerleading team!

RTU cheerleading team performances are characterized by both dance and acting skills or techniques, as well as acrobatics, making “cheering” a complex sport that requires strength, endurance and preparedness. As this sport includes dangerous tricks, the team has trust that brings together all its members.

RTU cheerleaders have supported “RTU/Robežsardze” volleyball players, as well as participated in regional and international competitions:

  • first place at the Baltic Cheerleading Championship;
  • second place at the Estonian Open Cheerleading Festival;
  • victory in the “Cheerleading Championship” organized by “RīgaTV24”.

RTU cheerleading team profiles on social networks: