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General Provisions of Organisational Procedure of RTU Sports Sessions
  1. Sports sessions organised by the Sports Centre can be attended by full-time and part-time students of Riga Technical University (hereinafter – RTU).
  2. To attend sports sessions, students register in the Sports Session Registration System (hereinafter – Registration System), access to which is provided by authorisation through RTU ORTUS system at Sports Centre homepage https://sports.rtu.lv.
  3. During registration process, students choose any session from the sports session schedule and pay for it by using funds available on their virtual sports account (hereinafter – Virtual Account). Registration is valid only for a particular student, transfer to another person is prohibited. Registration for a sports session is valid only after payment has been completed.
  4. Sports Centre administration is eligible to make changes in sports session schedule (change of a coach, instructor; change or cancellation of a session).
  5. Registration for sessions can be done for an unlimited period of time in advance, as long as there are sufficient funds in the student’s virtual account and the sessions are scheduled.
  6. Registration shall be completed until the beginning of a particular session, except swimming sessions with a coach, as students shall come 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the session and therefore the registration shall be done in a timely manner.
  7. Until the beginning of each semester, a certain amount of money approved by RTU Vice-Rector for Finance is automatically transferred to virtual accounts of first year full-time undergraduate students.
  8. At the beginning of a semester, students who have chosen sports as a course of free choice (part C) receive a certain amount of money approved by RTU Vice-Rector for Finance on their virtual account.
  9. RTU students can deposit money on their virtual account. The minimum deposit is 15.00 EUR. Having deposited money on the virtual account, the student will automatically receive additional 50% of the deposited amount from RTU. The account can be replenished in the same way as paying for invoices created in the study system. All customers have an opportunity to prepare an electronic invoice for advance payment and pay for it themselves. In this case, the processing will be slightly longer and may take up to 2 business days. Therefore, we recommend that you deposit the money in a timely manner. If after depositing money you have not received the money in your virtual account within 2-3 business days, please contact the administration of the Sports Centre by e-mail .
  10. On the last day of examination session, the balance of RTU funds transferred at the beginning of the semester is deleted from the student’s virtual account. Funds that the student has deposited and 50% added to them will not be deleted while the student is continuing studies at RTU.
  11. All funds available on the virtual account can only be used to pay for sports sessions provided by RTU Sports Centre, and these funds cannot be withdrawn from the account.
  12. Sports Centre administration is eligible to change the prices of sports sessions by warning about it 5 (five) business days in advance through the Registration System and with approval of RTU Vice-Rector for Finance.
  13. If a student cannot attend a sports session that he/she has previously registered for, the registration should be cancelled at least 24 hours before the session by using the Registration System. In this case, funds for the unattended session are transferred back to the student’s virtual account. If the registration is not cancelled or it is cancelled less than 24 hours before the session, the money is not refunded. Cancellation of registration by telephone is not possible.
  14. If the maximum number of students has been registered for the session, the student can register, pay and join a waitlist. If other students who have registered for this session cancel their registration, the student from the waitlist will be admitted to the session. If the student on the waitlist has not been admitted to the session, the fee paid for the session is transferred back to the student’s virtual account.
  15. Each sports session has a minimum number of registered students for the session to take place. The sessions that do not reach this minimum number are cancelled. Cancellation is automatically made by the Registration System on the previous day at 9 pm.
  16. The fee for the cancelled session is transferred back to the student’s virtual account.
Sports Session Procedures
  1. RTU assumes no liability for changes in the student’s health status and injury resulting from student neglect, failure to observe the internal rules of the sports facilities or as a result of an accident during sports activities.
  2. A student is obliged to take care of his or her health, control his or her well-being during sports sessions. If a student experiences unpleasant pain or discomfort, he or she shall immediately stop the training and seek help from a coach or instructor.
  3. Attending sports sessions, hygiene regulations shall be observed; students are required to put on clean sports shoes and proper sportswear to attend the session.
  4. The student may enter sports facilities only during the time of sports sessions indicated in the schedule. It is prohibited to stay in the sports premises after sports sessions.
Varsity Teams
  1. Students with pre-qualification in sports can apply for a status of RTU varsity team member on a competitive basis by completing an electronic questionnaire available in the Registration System.
  2. Students who are members of RTU varsity team shall register for each sports session in the Registration System. Sports sessions for university team members are free of charge.
Settlement Procedure for Unfulfilled Programme Requirements in Sports Study Courses
  1. The procedure applies to students who by 30 June 2017 have not been successfully assessed within the following study courses: HFA101 Sports, BKO113 Sports and Free Choice (C part) sports study courses (hereafter – sports courses).
  2. To receive a positive evaluation in the sports courses, the student shall attend and actively participate in a definite number of sports sessions in addition to the previously attended sessions in order to reach the minimum number of sessions prescribed by the instructor, taking into account the number of sessions missed due to illness. Sports sessions shall be attended within the sports course where unfulfilled programme requirements have been recognised.
  3. The student can consult the instructor of the respective sports course to find out the information on the required number of sessions to be attended.
  4. If the instructor of the respective sports course does not work at the Sports Centre anymore, to find out the number of sessions to be attended the student shall contact the Secretary of the Sports Centre by .
  5. If the sports course previously chosen by the student is not offered by the new sports system, the student shall choose another sports course from the list of currently available courses and inform the Secretary of the Sports Centre by about his or her choice.
  6. In order to attend sessions to settle the unfulfilled programme requirements after 15 September 2017, the student shall register for the sports sessions in the Registration System and pay for the sessions in accordance with the price list available in the Registration System.