Scientific Library
29th of August, 2016 - Content

The Scientific Library of RTU is an academic library of state significance accredited within the State United Library Information System with the largest collection of traditional sources on engineering and architecture in Latvia – approximately 1.5 ...

During the examination session, students will have access to the entire new library building 24/7
2nd of December, 2019 - News

Following the suggestion of the Student Parliament of Riga Technical University (RTU), the entire new building of RTU Scientific Library (at Paula Valdena Street 5) will be available to students 24/7 before and during the examination session. This...

Seminar «Transport Research Opportunities for Baltic States»
4th of April, 2019 - Event

Seminar will take place on April 10th in The Scientific Library of RTU conference hall, Pauls Valdens street 5. More information...

13th of June, 2018 - Content

Academic Calendar Scientific Library Scholarships Student ID card Design Factory Student business incubator IdeaLAB Mobility (including Erasmus+) RTU Grand Graduation RTU Ķīpsala Campus Structure and administration Student life...

25th of August, 2016 - Content

Promotion is defence of a scientific work as a result of which the PhD degree is conferred....

What has been accomplished in the 21st Century?
6th of March, 2017 - Content

2013 – complete reconstruction of the former student canteen into RTU Design Centre, where the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Institute of Design Technologies are located. 2013 – the new building of the Faculty of Power and E...

The exhibition «CERN – Accelerating Science»
14th of February, 2018 - Event

The exhibition «CERN – Accelerating Science» will take place in the National Library of Latvia (NLL) from May 12 to June 4 and introduce the residents of Latvia with the activities and scientific achievements of the European Organization for Nuclear ...

Description of Editorial & Publishing Services at RTU Press
16th of January, 2019 - Content

Literary Editing in British English: Correcting British English spelling (punctuation, orthography, syntax) and style errors according to the specific nature of scientific text. Content and formal arrangement of text, focusing on the foll...

Electronic resources
28th of December, 2017 - Content

SFX tool Search for e-journals and e-books by title or category With a help of SFX tool you can find out availability of electronic resources (e-books and e-journals) in library’s subscribed and open access databases. Full text documents a...

Academic Master Study Programme «Digital Humanities»
9th of November, 2017 - Content

The Academic Master Study Programme «Digital Humanities» provides training of specialists in digital humanities that can seek employment in governmental institutions, publishing houses, archives, libraries, marketing bureaus, institutions of higher e...

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