Publication «Scientific journals of RTU»

Scientific research results of RTU academic and research personnel are published in the publication «Scientific Journal of RTU» in the following fields:

Architecture and Urban Planning

Construction Science
Construction Science*
Heat&Power and Thermal Physics (published until 2008)

Computer Science
Boundary Field Problems and Computer Simulation
Technologies of Computer Control
Information Technology and Management Science*
Applied Computer Systems*

Energy and Electrical Engineering
Power and Electrical Engineering
Electrical, Control and Communication Engineering*
Environmental and Climate Technologies*
Sustainable Spatial Development (published until 2011)

Engineering Economics and Management
Economics and Business
Safety of Technogenic Environment

Materials Sciences and Applied Chemistry
Materials Sciences and Applied Chemistry
Textile and Clothing Technology

Humanities and Social Sciences
The Humanities and Social Sciences

Electronics and Telecommunications
Telecommunications and Electronics (published until 2011)

Transport and Mechanical Engineering
Transport and Engineering (published until 2010)
Transport and Aerospace Engineering

*The journals are published in English