Activity «Post-doctoral Research Aid»

Riga Technical University has announced the third call for post-doctoral research applications. In this call, eligible candidates should have obtained a doctoral degree at least 10 years prior the deadline for submission of the research applications for postdoctoral research aid in the competition announced by the State Education Development Agency (after July 15, 2009) and agreed with the potential scientific advisor and the relevant head of the structural unit (institute) at RTU on the planned cooperation for implementation of the research project.

List of potential Scientific Advisors at Riga Technical University by faculties and research areas.

The post-doctoral project application should also address and comply with:

  1. The Smart Specialization Strategy of Latvia, the smart specialization areas and growth priorities;
  2. RTU Research Platforms:
  • Energy and Environment;
  • City and Development;
  • Information and Communication;
  • Transport;
  • Materials, Processes and Technologies;
  • Safety and Security.

By-law for selection of post-doctoral applications at RTU.

The post-doctoral researcher prepares research application in the SEDA’s Post-doctoral research aid information system (POSTDOC system). The access to the POSTDOC system is granted to those post-doctoral researchers who have submitted following documents to RTU Department of Doctoral Studies until June 25, 2019 16:00 (Easter European Summer Time, GMT+3):

  1. An application addressed to the Vice-Rector for Research of RTU;
  2. A statement by the potential scientific advisor with the signature of the head of relevant structural unit on the planned cooperation with the post-doctoral researcher for implementation of the research proposal and on the compliance of the project idea with the Riga Technical University’s research platforms, programmes, research areas as well as Human Resources Development Plan;
  3. A copy of the post-doctoral researcher’s diploma about obtaining a scientific degree of a doctor or a document from relevant higher education institution confirming that the post-doctoral researcher will obtain a scientific degree of a doctor by July 15, 2019;
  4. A unilaterally (by the post-doctoral researcher) signed agreement on the use of the POSTDOC information system in 2 copies;
  5. A fully filled-out scientific description of the project proposal in English - Research project proposal;
  6. A Curriculum vitae (CV) of the post-doctoral researcher in English using the CV format;
  7. A statement by the post-doctoral researcher;
  8. A letter of intent by the partner institution or organization in Latvian and English (if applicable).

The documents requesting access to the POSTDOC system can be submitted on any work day until June 25, 2019 16:00 (Easter European Summer Time, GMT+3) in following ways:

  • by sending it as an electronic document signed with a safe electronic signature containing the time stamp to the email address: ;
  • in person in paper format to RTU DSD located in Room 218, Kaļķu Street 1, Riga.

The documents requesting access to the POSTDOC system will be reviewed regularly (approximately once a week) in order to grant timely access to the system for preparation of the full application.

The post-doctoral researcher prepares the research application in the POSTDOC system until the access is closed for all post-doctoral researchers on June 30, 2019 24:00 (Easter European Summer Time, GMT+3). The POSTDOC system is closed to all candidates at the same time regardless when the access was granted.

List of sections to be filled-out and documents to be uploaded in the POSTDOC system.

If you have any unclear questions regarding the application process, please consult the By-law for selection of post-doctoral applications at RTU. Alternatively, you can send in your questions to .