Activity «Post-doctoral Research Aid»

Riga Technical University (RTU) announces the selection of post-doctoral research applications within the Activity «Post-doctoral Research Aid» of the Specific Aid Objective 1.1.1 «To increase the research and innovative capacity of scientific institutions of Latvia and the ability to attract external financing, investing in human resources and infrastructure» of the Operational Programme «Growth and Employment». 

The aim is to attract post-doctoral researchers that would contribute to development of excellent research at RTU in accordance with the strategic goals of the university. The Post-Doctoral Research Aid provides an opportunity for young researchers to develop their skills and increase their scientific capacity as well as to start a career in a scientific institution. 

Who can apply:

Latvian or foreign researchers:

  • who have acquired a doctorate after July 20, 2010;
  • who have agreed with a potential scientific advisor and head of a structural unit at RTU on the planned cooperation in the implementation of the research project.

List of potential Scientific Advisors at Riga Technical University by faculties and research.

The post-doctoral project application should address and comply with:

  1. The Smart Specialization Strategy of Latvia, the smart specialization areas and growth priorities;
  2. RTU Research Platforms:
    • Energy and Environment;
    •  City and Development;
    • Information and Communication;
    • Transport;
    • Materials, Processes and Technologies;
    • Safety and Security.

By-law for selection of post-doctoral applications of RTU

The application must include the following:

  1. An application form for the selection at RTU;
  2. A research application form for the State Education Development Agency - SEDA (must be prepared in cooperation with potential scientific advisor and submitted in Latvian only);
  3. A statement by the potential scientific advisor at RTU on the planned cooperation with the post-doctoral researcher; 
  4. A statement by the head of relevant RTU structural unit on the planned cooperation with the post-doctoral researcher;
  5. Research project proposal form (in English); guidelines for preparing the Research project proposal;
  6. A copy of the post-doctoral researcher’s diploma;
  7. A Curriculum vitae (CV) form;
  8. A statement by the post-doctoral researcher;
  9. An agreement (unilaterally signed by the post-doctoral researcher) between RTU and post-doctoral researcher on the implementation conditions of the research application, the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties in 2 copies. 

How to apply:

The research application shall be submitted electronically:

  • by post-doctoral researcher - sending each document as an electronic document signed with a safe electronic signature containing the time stamp to the email address ;
  • by potential scientific advisor - as an electronic document signed with a safe electronic signature containing the time stamp sending to the email address , if scientific advisor has received originals of the following documents signed by post-doctoral researcher: 
    • application for the selection at RTU, 
    • statement by the post-doctoral researcher, 
    • an agreement. 

The research application form for the SEDA in Latvian and Research project proposal in English must be attached to the electronically submitted application in word format.


The deadline for submission of research applications has been extended. Applications must be submitted until July 14, 2020 4.00 PM (Eastern European Summer Time, UTC/GMT+3).

The selection of Post-Doctoral Research Applications at RTU is the first stage of preparation of the Post-Doctoral Applications for submission to the SEDA.
Information about the call under the activity «Post-doctoral Research Aid»