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Looking back at rtu sp 30th birthday

2nd of May, 2022

27, 28, 29… 30! Happy Birthday!

On April 22, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our Riga Technical University Student Parliament!

The big party took place in the H2O6 Aistere Hall, which you can read more about in order to immerse yourself in the memories or imagine a round party…

Starting from Monday, April 18, during the week it was possible to test our knowledge of and around our organization, to attend an evening of stories where we heard Katie Litti, 2018/19. Head of the Culture and Sports Department of the Student Parliament, as well as Jurģis Poriņš, one of the first presidents of RTU SP, to participate in the competition, and, you know, that's not all… On Thursday, April 21, it was possible to watch Sunday's show on Thursday at RTU SP style called “I love you, RTU SP”. By the way, the show is still available on Facebook, so you can safely pick up something delicious, sit on the couch and test the knowledge of the Grandparents of the Student Parliament on various issues. And, of course, Friday, April 22, a holiday with 200 members and grandparents, a photo corner with a large 30, champagne and white-clad tables with golden helium balloons, which were also used after the festive part, or in short - on Friday - balliiiteee!

Friday at 8:00, morning. Just after visiting Circle K and smearing the car belt in the hot dog sauce, the organizers arrive at Aistere Hall. There is a van with technical people who were ready to run to surprise everyone in the evening. Work, work, pizza break, work and then it's only time to change leggings and sweaters to dresses and suits. All beautiful in places and shortly after. We are already waiting for the first guests at 19:00. While the solemn speeches have not yet begun, visitors will be greeted by champagne or orange juice or mimosa, as opposed to a photo stand with photos of the depths of the parliament, a photo corner to see where everyone can make a picture, and a Scandiweb photo booth. so you can get your hands on it right away. Good morning, Latvia, and the leaders report that they need to start taking their seats at the tables. On the stage we saw everyone who had worked in the organization from 1992 to 2022, as well as the existing heads of local governments. At the end of the greeting, it's time for a sweet surprise. What a birthday without a holiday cake, isn't it? That's why we say it's safe to judge a cake! The festive cake for the 30th anniversary was made from the confectionery "Cake Garda", which understood our wishes and, so to speak, it was a sin not to take a picture of it. It was red with a touch of gold - just as good as it sounds, so appreciated by the guests. Cake system and time to move out of the chairs. The party responsible for the musical part of the evening was the group "Party Orchestra", and, you know, that's right, because it was probably the highlights of the evening that were part of the group. But now big balls deserve a good ball after the ball, right? So after the big party, the guests went to the afterparty and the news says that the last ones left around 7 in the morning. Beautiful youth…

Behind the big event is a working hand or a team of organizers, who this year were Sindija Vītols, Kristīna Vinogradova, Helena Anna Bunka, Karīna Rozkova, Eva Evelīna Repkova, Einārs Platacis, who was Einārs at the beginning of the event and was definitely the hottest this evening, knowing how It is warm to be in a bear costume, Elizabete Džarcāne and Vents Viestards Litavnieks, who this year, as in the previous year, took on the role of evening hosts.

The organizing team would also like to say a big thank you to Cannelle bakery for the always friendly response when it comes to something delicious or delicious from the confectionery. Many thanks also to the RedBull team, who was definitely our best friend during Friday's event. But do you know a project whose main prize was 5000 Ls and 677 innovative business ideas were received for it? If you think what the "Cup of Ideas 2010" is, then you would have won our competition, because Victoria Maksimova and Inguss Pumpurs already managed to remember it, benefiting from Very Berry. In conclusion, we would also like to say a big thank you to Scandiweb for the photo booth during the event, which allowed everyone to capture the moment together!

Well that's it in a nutshell for the event. To return to the event again, you can put a party song in the background and review the pictures from RTU SP's 30th birthday!

Thank you, RTU SP, for the opportunities, growth and friendship that can be gained with you!

Congratulations to you, RTU SP!

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Sindija Vītola

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2nd of May, 2022 at 20:41

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