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Applications for DEMOLA Latvia Spring season are open!

20th of January, 2021

Applications for DEMOLA Latvia Spring season are open!

DEMOLA Latvia is an international innovation challenge platform uniting students and leading brands of the country. Within the programme, companies submit their challenges that need to be solved. Students together with experts of the companies work and develop a solution to the proposed challenge in interdisciplinary, international teams. Read more here: https://idejubanka.lv/#/programs/CeDdUS2ynp

This season we have 13 new challenges for students to work on:
Data quality controls automation by Luminor- develop big data quality controls using robotics, machine learning or other automation tools.
Remote survey, evaluation and data comparison of land properties by Valsts nekustamie īpašumi- a challenge on how to remotely survey land plots in real time and assess their compliance with land plans (number and condition of buildings), as well as their maintenance (lawn mowing, construction debris). Evaluate alternative solutions - drones, satellite images in connection with State Land Service data and artificial intelligence, etc.
Golden eye by RIDE- create a video surveillance system for "RIDE" electric bicycles.

Competence assessment in e-environment by Rīgas satiksme- create a solution to conveniently and effectively assess the competencies of each position and company employee in a company where the job position catalogue contains about 300 different positions, occupied by 3,800 employees.
Introduce innovations in personnel selection by Rīgas satiksme- create a convenient approach and/or system for personnel selection management to register job candidates' data and ensure an efficient selection process.

Just3dparts marketplace (3d model database) and its implementation strategy development by Just3dparts - create a marketplace where 3d designers can share their created 3d models of car and motorcycle parts, offer their production
Drum the change by Andžeja Grauda bungu skola - study the organizational and administrative processes of the drum school, identify problems, and find one or more solutions.

B&B Building by Pasaule Visiem - create a sustainable marketing plan that would help B&B Building to expand and reach potential clients even doing the COVID-19 season.
DNA test marketing strategy creation by Saules Veselības centrs - perform a market analysis of the DNA saliva test, which is a genetic test for personalized weight loss planning, analyzing both: genetic factors and other individual characteristics of the patient.

Enable new digital marketing media channels for global growth for SMBs by Httpool - find solutions to give small and medium businesses (SMBs) an easy entrance to begin advertising on our partner platforms; and for Httpool to scale its services to onboard SMB's on a large scale. This challenge may involve finding out why some companies are not using social media in the first place and setting up an easy “how to” for getting started.
Panorama 365 – new HR product launch strategy development by Elva Baltic - study the customer's needs for the Panorama 365 platform (a tool for organizing formal communication with colleagues about working time, its changes, actual working time consumption and employee absences (leave, illness, etc.) as well as to create a strategy for driving sales to other companies.

DIY SUP Board Kit development by Vanna Vannā - create a DIY kits’ marketing and technical solution using the company’s current methods
How to become a leader in online pharmacy business for the young generation with Silvanols.lv by Silvanols - create a strategy to reach the target audience in the ages 16-25 for the new e-commerce platform Silvanols.lv

Read more about all of the challenges 
Resgister & apply here by February 1


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