Scientific Equipment Unit

The Scientific Equipment Unit of the Science and Innovation Centre is responsible for ensuring, maintaining and restoring modern research equipment, promoting the availability, efficient and expedient use of equipment, thereby contributing to scientific development at RTU locally and internationally.

The unit manages the UseScience database, software for research, high-performance computing and data storage infrastructure. It performs educational work and organises the HPC Centre activities aimed at providing support and cooperation both at the RTU level and with other universities, scientific institutions, state and municipal institutions and foreign partners.

The Scientific Equipment Unit provides:

  • support for the maintenance and use of research equipment; 
  • consultations on the use of digital technologies in research;
  • access to the HPC infrastructure;
  • training and user support at different levels in the field of HPC;
  • maintenance of the UseScience database.

Head of the Scientific Equipment Unit Monika Seļicka

High Performance Computing Center

HPC allows solving complicated computing tasks in a short period of time. Computing is carried out on high-performance computers (shared memory mainframe, computing cluster) made from many parallel processors. Modern HPC is an essential element of any contemporary university, it is used for various purposes ranging from solving engineering tasks in Mathworks MATLAB environment to Big Data analysis and machine learning.