Design Factory

RTU Design Factory is a lively place that brings together research, education and the industry, creating a new hands-on learning culture and opportunities for radical innovation. It is hosted under the RTU Vice-Rector for Science office, and is open to all faculties of the university.

We provide access for researchers and students to facilities, tools and services for prototyping that allow creating new and complex solutions. Technologies we offer range from laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing and scanning to highspeed CNC machining and post-processing.

We work with interdisciplinary student and researcher teams to solve real-life challenges from various industries. We also develop scientific equipment, demonstration models or fully functional prototypes to support scientists and staff of RTU.
Our team combines a variety of skills in mechanical engineering, robotics, creative thinking and methodologies, electronics, product development, design and business. And we happen to speak 10 different languages.

We are part of the Design Factory Global Network with some of our partners from Switzerland, Chile, Korea, China and, of course, the very first Design Factory in Aalto University, Finland.

We work on wide variety of projects, some of the recent ones including a hockey puck shooter that uses artificial intelligence, a new type of water treatment system, a training device for brass instruments and customized equipment for researchers testing composite materials.


Ķīpsalas Street 6,Rīga