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The Annual RTU Student Ball Transforms into «Studyfest 2023», an Ambitious Student Friendship Festival

23rd of October, 2023

The RTU Student Parliament invites all Latvian students to the biggest student event «StudyFest 2023,» a one-night festival where participants will enjoy various activities, establish valuable contacts for student life and future career ambitions, enjoy good music and take a break from semester studies. The festival will take place on Friday, October 27, at 19.00 in Ķīpsala’s International Exhibition Center. 

«The main goal of the event is not only to delight the visitors with various performances by musicians known in Latvia, but also to promote networking and establishing contacts among Latvian students, which could later be useful to them in their future career, » said RTU Student Parliament President Aneta Tarasova. 

It is important for students from different universities to establish mutual contacts, not only for their future careers, but also in the context of the ongoing consolidation of higher education institutions when the student bodies of the respective higher education institutions will increase in size as the higher education institutions merge. Students of the Rēzekne Academy of Technology, Liepāja University, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, and the Latvia University of Biosciences and Technologies have already agreed to take part in StudyFest 2023.

This year, event organizers have taken special care to ensure that the visitors have as diverse and diverse a range of activities as possible. Representatives of several companies and cooperation partners of the RTU Student Parliament  have prepared various activities for the students, while the stage artists were carefully selected so each represents a different genre. 

This year’s lineup includes: the group Olas, popular among young people, young Latvian hip-hop rapper Wiesulis, and Drum&Bass and KRATA. Latvian pop performer Lauris Reiniks, DJ NiklāvZ, and the group Bermudu divstūris will also take the stage. 

StudyFest 2023 was known previously as the traditional “Fukšu” Ball, which was founded in 2012 by the active students of RTU. The “Fukšu” Ball was initially held after the initiation of first-year students, and the special event has become an unforgettable and one of the most important events of the students’ academic experience. 


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23rd of October, 2023 at 17:14

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