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RTU Rector Tālis Juhna Honored as «2023 Rīdzinieks of the Year»

18th of November

Riga Technical University Rector Tālis Juhna has been awarded the traditional Riga City Council award «Rīdzinieks 2023» for outstanding achievements in the development of science, research, innovation, and the promotion of the knowledge economy. The rector received the award on November 18 at the solemn meeting of the Riga City Council, which was convened in honor of the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.

«With the «Rīdzinieks of the Year» award, we thank scientist Tālis Juhna, who this year became rector of Riga Technical University, for his work. Riga and Latvia as a center of knowledge, where innovations arise and world-class technologies are created, is a high bar that the rector has set for himself, but he honorably holds it, making an incalculable contribution to the national economy of our country. I congratulate Tali Juhna on the high ronor!» says Vilnis Ķirsis, chairman of the Riga City Council.

«Recipient of the title «Rīdzinieks 2023», professor Tālis Juhna's heart's work is science and work with students, but at the same time, the professor is also a visionary, whose ideas are realized both in higher education and science, as well as in business, not only in Riga and Latvia, but also outside the borders of our country. His scientific excellence is confirmed by his participation in the United Nations (UN) high-level expert group that supports the UN Technology Promotion Mechanism. Under his supervision, RTU has developed an innovation ecosystem by introducing and improving various business support programs that enable students, scientists and start-ups to introduce innovative products and services. The Riga municipality is also included in the innovation ecosystem - both our businessmen and entrepreneurs, educators, representatives of the education field and students, » said the statement of the Riga City Council to the media. 

«Riga Technical University has had inseparable ties with our capital since its foundation. We carry the name of Riga, we have been helping Riga's industry and economy to develop with our knowledge for 160 years, we work together to educate our young people and interest them in studying engineering, which will continue to be one of the mainstays of Riga's development. Therefore, it is a great pleasure and honor for me to receive this honorary title of Riga and to continue our fruitful cooperation for Riga, the people of Riga and Latvia, » says Tālis Juhna.

Four Letters of Appreciation from the Riga City Council were also presented, which were received by Anda Zadovska, the owner of the music house «Daile» for her significant contribution to the creation and maintenance of a quality cultural space in Riga, journalist Ieva Vārna for her selfless, courageous and professional work in covering the Ukrainian freedom struggle, Latvian national basketball team coach Luka Banki for selfless, responsible and professional work, contributing to the national team's historic success in the World Cup, and Latvian hockey team captain Kaspars Daugaviņš for selfless, responsible and professional work, creating a sports festival in Riga and forging success in the world hockey championship.

A person of any nationality and nationality who has reached the age of 18 and who has contributed to the recognition of Riga and drawn public attention to the capital of Latvia with his talent and work can apply for the municipal award «Rīdzinieks of the Year». Anyone from Riga could apply for the award.

Rīgas domes svinīgā sēde un balvas „Gada rīdzinieks 2023” pasniegšana / 18.11.2023.

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18th of November at 15:03

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