The TestDaF exam is an evaluation of knowledge of German language for studies in German. This exam is centralized, developed in Germany and can be taken in TestDaF testing centers worldwide (www.testdaf.de).

The TestDaF exam can be taken at RTU, exam results are impartial and a centralized evaluation is executed in Germany. Certificate is acknowledged in all higher education institutions in Germany, it does not have an expiration date.

TestDaF consists of 4 modules
  • Reading (3 texts, 30 exercises). Length of the module – 60 minutes.
  • Listening (3 texts, 25 exercises). Length of the module – 40 minutes.
  • Writing (1 exercise). Length of the module – 60 minutes.
  • Speaking (7 exercises). Length of the module – 35 minutes.

Each module is evaluated in a 5 point scale. In order to obtain the certificate, that acknowledges sufficient language knowledge for studying in Germany, 4 or 5 points must be obtained in each module.

The exam can be taken 6 times a year. Closest exams
Exam date Deadline for signing up
13.11.2018. 18.09.2018.–16.10.2018.
It is possible to prepare for the TestDaF exam with the help of the online test onDaF.