Summer School «Smart Emerging Technology School «Iot For Smart Cities»»

Summer School «Smart Emerging Technology School «Iot For Smart Cities»»

It is no secret that IoT based solutions will improve the quality of life and many services to a new and unprecedented level by promoting new solutions, such as improving road traffic, human health, the environment, smart utility metering, logistics, intelligent manufacturing and automation.

The summer school will be organized following up latest trends in the Internet of Things, which will become a part of our lives in the coming years. Throughout the summer school, there will be a wide range of activities related to the Internet of Things and solutions based on smart city development.

Summer school participants will gain knowledge of the role of telecommunications, computer technologies and electronics in the IoT industry, which is based on smart city solutions.


The «SMART EMERGING TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL «IoT FOR SMART CITIES»» summer school will involve academic classes, practical group works, organisation visits, cultural and leisure activities.
The course aim is to develop students' non-standard and creative thinking by solving versatile engineering tasks faced by engineering professionals in their daily work.
Learning outcomes:
  • Enable summer school students to gain new and advanced knowledge in IoT solutions based on smart city development;
  • Introduce summer school participants to the telecommunication and electronics industry perspectives in the field of IoT;
  • Possibility to get a look to the insight of problems and solutions that IoT engineers face every day.
The Summer School «SMART EMERGING TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL «IoT FOR SMART CITIES»» will be delivered in the form of workshops and lectures, studio projects, individual and group work. Field trips to companies that provide IoT solutions will be organized within the study programme of the summer school.
Study Credits
RTU Certificates and 9 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points will be awarded upon completion of the program.
Fees and other details
  • What? «Smart Emerging Technology School «IoT for Smart Cities»»
  • Where? Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia
  • When? 10.08.–04.09.2020.
  • How long? 4 weeks
  • Who? Participants must be enrolled in a degree related to electronics or programming or similar.
  • How much?  1200 EUR (including lectures 36 hours, practical classes 62 hours, course materials, accommodation).
  • The OUTCOME: RTU certificate, 9 ECTS and a real problem-solving and finding-solutions experience in the field of IoT.
Student from the following countries can obtain Latvian government scholarships* for the summer school. Scholarship covers accommodation, catering, lectures, workshops, excursions, field trips and cultural activities except travel, visa and insurance costs.

Application and Contacts

Complete the application form.

In case any questions regarding registration and organisation issues occur, contact:

Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit
Riga Technical University
1 Kalku Street, Room 414, Riga
LV-1658, Latvia

Project Coordinator
Mr Arturs Lusis
+371 67089036

Head of Unit
Ms Natalja Muracova
+371 29217056