Summer School «Cultural Shock»

Summer School «Cultural Shock»

We are living in the century when the whole world can be recognized as one common space where we all should get along and care for each other and the planet. Thanks to modern technical progress, we can go to any place on the globe, just pick one you like more. Due to this fact we are able to meet different people, but are we ready for it? Are we ready to understand diverse cultures? Will we understand them?

Riga Technical University is offering wonderful opportunity to wide your inner boundaries and come to Latvia for Cultural Shock Summer School!

Participants are welcomed to the heart of the Baltic region – Latvia and its capital city Riga, the vibrant and modern European city. Students will be able to meet Latvian culture in person. But not only Latvian.

The summer school’s aim is to show participants how diverse our world is! The best way to perceive it is learning by sharing your own personal experience supplementing it with presence in an unusual environment.
The course is designed to enhance student’s knowledge about multiplicity of the Planet Earth and also to improve intercultural communication skills that will develop personal marketability.

Learning outcomes:
Understanding of the importance of cultural preservation and the beauty of diversity.
Awareness of the challenges of the modern multicultural world.
Improvement of students’ knowledge of Latvian culture.
Develop participants English language ability and fluency and communication.
Study Credits:
RTU certificate, 4.5 ECTS and cultural shock
Fees and other details:

What? Cultural Shock Summer School

Where? Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia

When? 08.07.2019-14.07.2019

How long? 2 weeks

Who? Business students,  owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and professionals in any field seeking to bring about social change.

How much? 400 EUR (including lectures, practical classes, course materials)

The OUTCOME: RTU certificate, 4.5 ECTS and cultural shock

Application and Contacts

Complete the application form.

In case any questions regarding registration and organisational issues occur, contact:

Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit
Riga Technical University
1 Kalku Street, Room 312, Riga
LV-1658, Latvia

Head of Unit
Ms Natalja Muracova
+371 29217056

Project Coordinator
Mr Arturs Lusis
+371 67089036