School «Bioeconomy. Sustainable Use of Biological Resources»

School «Bioeconomy. Sustainable Use of Biological Resources»

Bioeconomy is a sector focused on the sustainable use of biological resources by production of products with high added value. Bioeconomy has a great potential reduction of effect to climate change.

Processing of resources and production of innovative products are essential to get and use knowledge in the practice of cleaner production, environmental technologies, energy efficiency, waste management and other aspects, to use resources in an effective way and reduce negative impact on the environment. Implementation of bioeconomy is a key to self-sufficient and sustainable cities and regions. Bioeconomy is a very important part of the circular economy.

Bioeconomy defines the aspects of bioresource use and technological problems connected with the bioresource extraction and processing technologies, as well as with new product uses and eco-design. Within the summer school participants will get to know raw bioresources, processing industries, technologies, innovations and product eco-design. Participants of summer school will learn bioeconomy from A to Z by practical examples of specific local resources.

Other topicality of summer school will be connected with introduction of research methodology in bioeconomy: data collection, processing and analysis of results by using different computer models (multi-criteria analysis, different models of regression analysis, geographical information systems and system dynamics modelling).

The goal of the summer school is to teach participants how to mitigate climate change by implementing bioeconomy, sustainable use of bioresources and creating innovations and to spread the knowledge in their countries. Participants of the summer school will gain knowledge, contacts for further cooperation, practical experience and self-confidence in the field of bioeconomy.

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:

  • Climate Change Analysis and Possible Mitigation Mechanism Determination
  • Sustainable Use of Biological Resources
  • Creation of Innovative Products
  • Usage of Environmental Technologies in Practice
  • Research Methodology in Bioeconomy: Data Collection, Processing and Analysis
  • Eco-Design Development

Fees and other details:

  • Where? Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia
  • When? 28.06.–09.07.2021.
  • How long? 2 weeks
  • Who? Participants must be enrolled in a degree related to project management, economics and business, engineering and natural sciences etc.
  • How much? 600 EUR (including lectures, practical classes, course materials, accommodation).
  • The OUTCOME: RTU certificate, 6 ECTS and practical experience
  • Complete the application form.
  • Scholarships. Student from the following countries can obtain Latvian government scholarships for the summer school. Scholarship covers accommodation, catering, lectures, workshops, excursions, field trips and cultural activities except travel, visa and insurance costs.

In case any questions regarding registration and organisation issues occur, contact:

Project Coordinator
Ms Elina Peina
+371 67089106

Project Coordinator
Mr Arturs Lusis
+371 67089036

Head of Unit
Ms Natalja Muracova
+371 29217056

Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit