Summer School «Social innovation»

Summer School «Social innovation»

Nowadays, we are living in a rapidly changing world that faces unprecedented challenges and success stories, but along with all this positive burst that new generation evokes problems inevitably occur. Mankind now is osculating challenges in terms of inequality and diversity, economic viability and sustainability and the resilience of infrastructures and services. For solving them we need to come together – we need to discuss, brainstorm, depicture about the problem, because only then solution can be created.

RTU is inviting you to become a member of SOCIAL INNOVATION SUMMER SCHOOL so we all – students and lecturers – together can find solutions to modern world problems.


Students will participate in lectures and practical works on topics related to cultural changes, urban social ecosystems, sustainable entrepreneurship and social business.

The main aim of participant effort will be – focus attention on the ideas and solutions that create social value as well as the processes through which they are generated.

Learning outcomes:

Participants of Social innovations summer school will work on three main topics:

  • Social entrepreneurship. Where students together with lecturers will try to get answer to modern day question – how to solve market decentralization problems;
  • Social innovations for different groups of society. Participants will be asked to define nowadays problems and afterwards come up with solutions;
  • Innovation process itself. All together we will solve the «mystery» – what is really «social innovation»!

Social Innovation summer school will provide students with unique experience through: interactive lectures which will be led by local and international experts, workshops, presentations of good practices and field trips. During all summer school practices students will be able to ask questions, discuss and compare the newly acquired knowledge to the situation in their home countries.

*A social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals. Social innovations shift functions between policy, the administration, the private sector, civil society and households.

Study Credits
RTU Certificates and 4.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points will be awarded upon completion of the program.
Fees and other details:


Where? Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia

When? 08.07.2019.–19.07.2019.

How long? 2 weeks

Who? Business students,  owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and professionals in any field seeking to bring about social change.

How much? 400 EUR (including lectures, practical classes, course materials, accommodation).

The OUTCOME: RTU certificate, 4.5 ECTS and social value.

Application and Contacts

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In case any questions regarding registration and organisation issues occur, contact:

Foreign Students Foundation and Short-Term Courses Unit
Riga Technical University
1 Kalku Street, Room 312, Riga
LV-1658, Latvia

Head of Unit
Ms Natalja Muracova
+371 29217056

Project Coordinator
Mr Arturs Lusis
+371 67089036