Summer School «Cultural Aspects of Latvian Language»

Summer School «Cultural Aspects of Latvian Language»

The Summer School «Cultural Aspects of Latvian Language» designed as a comprehensive, interactive, secure and open platform for people with different cultural codes who will have a chance within 11 days to experience Latvian cultural space through the past-present-future perspective.

During intensive 12 days, under the guidance of experienced teachers and professionals, summer school participants, will go through such topics as Latvian history, politics, culture, folklore, art, literature and technology. To learn and understand Latvia as a unified culture, as well as to enjoy the nature of Latvia, there are four trips planned during those days.


The Summer School «Cultural Aspects of Latvian Language» will involve academic classes, practical group work, organisation visits, cultural and leisure activities.

The course aim is to improve Latvian language knowledge, to get to know Latvian culture and to experience the issues of culture, language and identity in the modern world.


Learning outcomes:
Participants of the Summer School will intensively study the Latvian language and exploring the Latvian worldview in modern Latvia. They will conduct an in-depth study of the topic of interest in line with today's actualities and challenges, not only improving language skills, but also getting a greater understanding of contemporary culture, language conservation and language transformation issues.
Study credits:
RTU Certificates and 4.5 - 5ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points will be awarded upon completion of the program.
Fees and other details:
  • What? «Cultural Aspects of Latvian Language»

  • Where?  Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia

  • When? –

  • How long? 2 weeks

  • Who? RTU welcomes everyone who is interested in discovering Latvian Culture in practice

  • How much? 300 EUR (not including accommodation and catering).

  • The OUTCOME: RTU certificate, 4.5-5 ECTS and a social value